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How Manufacturers Can Benefit from Implementing Private 5G Wireless Networks
Manufacturers are bringing increased automation and visibility to operations. Production monitoring requires thousands of sensors and real-time processing of data to deliver results. High reliability, priority access and low latency are necessary for mission-critical communications, and heightened security is required for IoT sensors.

Current networking options like Ethernet and Wi-Fi can’t meet the new demands. They don’t have the mobility, security, reliability, and discreet prioritization required by new use cases.

Newly available private wireless networks (PWNs) enable applications that were previously not addressable with Wi-Fi ‒ including HD video, autonomous robots and drones ‒ while also improving coverage for larger facilities. PWNs provide connectivity for mission-critical applications with reliability, mobility, security, QoS and guaranteed performance. PWNs enable Industry 4.0 automation, push-to-talk applications, predictive maintenance and more.

Attend this webinar to find out how one industrial company saw a 35+% reduction in OPEX by implementing a private wireless network with a microwave backhaul to the internet. The solution included provisioning of a VPN to secure the data from the collection point to the data center.


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