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How to Cut Lease Costs with Optimization
Besides payroll, leases are one of the largest expense line items in your manufacturing business’ budget. And yet, most organizations don’t have proper protocols to manage their changing lease portfolios.

Although leases are more top of mind due to ASC 842, many businesses still struggle to maintain accurate lease data as their lease portfolios evolve.

Integrated lease management is key to sustaining accurate, ongoing compliance. But it also provides opportunities for you to significantly reduce lease costs related to inflation, economic misalignment and more.

In fact, 100% of recently surveyed senior finance and accounting professionals acknowledge that lease management comes with real business benefits. But what is the impact, and how do you identify opportunities within your leases?

In this webinar, lease accounting experts from Visual Lease will share:

• How does lease accounting and management lead to lease optimization?
• What is the business impact of lease management and optimization?
• What opportunities lie within your leases?


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